Individual Tea Bags

We are delighted to introduce a new range of (compostable) individual tea bags, featuring five exquisite herbal tea blends:

Among them, four are improved variations of our beloved classics, carefully crafted to enhance both flavor and benefits while preserving their original charm - Glow Getter, Nourish Flow, I Need Calm and Sleep Serenity.

The fifth is an exciting new blend called Blooming Bliss, promising a delightful tea experience like no other.

Who are our wellness teas for?

Our functional herbal teas are meticulously crafted with care for those seeking a natural way to enhance their overall well-being.

Designed intentionally for women, our teas offer a holistic approach to supporting our bodies, while offering a delicious and nourishing cup of tea to be enjoyed at any time of the day as part of a healthy ritual.

Our teas are ideal for those dealing with adrenal fatigue due to excessive stress, fatigue, anxiety, skin and gut concerns, PMS, period discomfort, and insomnia.

Naturally caffeine-free, our teas serve as the perfect solution for calming both body and mind, helping restore balance and harmony.