Frequently Asked Questions


Why herbal teas and infusions?

Drinking herbal teas and infusions is a simple way of providing micro-nutrition to the body. Herbs have an abundance of minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, and bioflavonoids and are naturally bioavailable to the body. We mainly use nervines and adaptogens in our blends; herbs thats are natural stress relievers. The synergies of combining herbs in a certain way provide a targeted therapeutic action that can be a helpful for common discomforts. 


What is an adaptogen herb?

A classification of herb that helps the body adapt to stress and increase health, therefore the name "adapt." For a herb to be classified as an adaptogen, it has to be non-toxic, improve the immune system in several ways, and provide balance in the body. Common adaptogenic herbs are holy basil, amla, goji berries, raspberry leaf and licorice root. You will find adaptogenic herbs in our blends Rise and Calm. 


What is a nervine herb?

A classification of non-toxic herbs, that nourish and support the central nervous system and calms the nerves. They're reportedly function by restoring balance and restfulness in the body. Common nervine herbs are Chamomille, Passionflower, Lavender, Lemon Balm, and Nettle. You will find nervine herbs in our blends Glow, Nourish and Rise.


Do you provide free samples?

Yes, all orders receive a few selected samples. 







Are all of your products certified organic?

Yes, all of our ingredients are certified 100% organic in the EU and are GMO-free. 


What are GMOs?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, a genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology. 

For a product to be certified organic in Sweden it is strictly forbidden to contain any GMO. 


Are the blends sweetened?

No. All of our blends are made with 100% unprocessed plant parts only. We recommend sweetening the blends to your liking with honey. Natural stevia leaf (in green leaf form) or pure maple syrup are other great options. 


Can I drink your blends during pregnancy?

Herbal teas can be beneficial during pregnancy as an alternative to coffee and a way to relax the body and mind. However, pregnancy is a very delicate time; therefore, we recommend consulting with your health practitioner first before consuming any to be on the safe side. 


Can children drink your blends?

Our blends are not intended for children. Suitable herbal teas for children under 12 years of age are pure Chamomile, Peppermint, Linden Flower, or Lemon Balm infusions. Make them half as strong as you would for yourself.


Can I use your teas while on medication/ treatment?

We suggest consulting with your doctor first as some herbs can interfere with the efficiency of pharmaceuticals. 


From where do you source the ingredients?

Our ingredients are sourced from different parts of the world, where they grow in their most natural environment; that way, they are more active and vibrant and of the highest quality possible. We only source ingredients that are produced ethically and sustainably.





Why do you use glass jars?

We use biophotonic apothecary glass jars, commonly used within the pharmaceutical and homeopathic industry because they prolong the shelf-life of the herbs by preventing the harmful UVA light from degrading them. This way, the herbs last longer, and the taste and benefits are preserved.


How should I care for the jars?

When you refill your jars, wipe with a clean towel or hand wash them, making sure the label doesn't get wet and let the jar dry out thoroughly. The jars can be washed in the dishwasher, but it will remove the labels. 


Can I keep the herbs in the refill bags, or do I need to purchase the jars?

Yes, you can keep the herbs in the bags as these provide good protection against degradation from air, moisture and light; however, they might not last as long as when stored in the violet glass jars. Always ensure to thoroughly close the bag after use and keep them in a dark and dry place. 




Is your packaging sustainable?

Yes, our jars are made of 100% glass  and are recyclable or reusable. And our refill bags are made of 40-60% bio-based material and can be fully recycled as well. All of our prints and packaging are either recyclable, FSC certified, or compostable, printed with soja ink, or turned carbon neutral by planting trees or paying additional charges for the production. To read more about our packaging and how to recycle them, go to our Sustainability page. 



Do you ship worldwide?

At the moment we only ship within Europe.


Is shipping free?

Yes, on all orders above 500 SEK worth of purchase in Sweden. For the rest of Europe, we charge a flat rate of 10 euros.


Can I return a product?

Unfortunately not, due to the nature of the product. However, if there is a problem or a mistake with your order, please get in touch. We will gladly help you.