About Blissblends

I created Blissblends out of my own needs, seeing a lack of authentic toxic-free products that would enhance my well-being, eliminate my own health concerns and relax and soothe my mind. I desired something truly organic, pure, and completely unprocessed.

With our functional herbal tea blends, I want to inspire women to live a more balanced life, in tune with themselves and connected to their bodies - nurturing wellness and resilience with the help of Mother Nature.

Blissblends embodies my vision to empower women and encourage them to embrace a natural approach to self-care.

With love,



A gentle and rewarding form of self-care

For centuries, people have been using plants to address health concerns and balance their bodies and mind. Our functional herbal tea blends are based on herbal plant synergy and inspired by thousands of years of herbal wisdom.

Enjoy them as you would a regular cup of tea or as a stronger infusion targeting acne, hormones, insomnia, period cramps, adrenal fatigue, stress, anxiety, and more.


Superior quality and 100% certified organic

We use superior quality, 100% certified organic ingredients in our blends, this means our herbs are grown in chemical and pesticide-free soil in their natural environment. We do not add any flavorings or fragrances - our blends are completely natural.

Our herbs are GMO-free and sourced ethically and sustainably from members of Ethical Tea Partnership.


Biophotonic jars for herb longivity

We use biophotonic apothecary glass jars, commonly used within the pharmaceutical and homeopathic industry.

When the herbs are kept well sealed in these jars, the taste, color, scent, and the biophotonic energy vibrations of the herbs, are preserved. This is done by the violet glass filtering out the damaging rays of the visible light spectrum while allowing portions of the UVA and infrared light waves in.


Inspire women to take control of their health
and wellbeing with the help of Mother Nature.


Sustainable and eco-friendly products

Sustainability and mindful consumption are at the core of our business. We strive to provide superior quality products that will make you feel great while being gentle to the environment.

Our products are reusable, recyclable, or compostable and we print with soya ink on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers whenever possible. To read more about the materials we use and how to recycle them, head over to our sustainability page.


Environmentally & socially aware

When making our products, we follow a conscious business model, ensuring everyone in the process, humans, and our planet is respected and fairly treated.

We are proud to say we source all of our ingredients from partners who practice ethical & sustainable production and trade and are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.