Glow Getter Organic Herbal Tea Bags

165 kr

Glow Getter is a concentrated formula and variation of our best-seller, Glow. In addition to its primary functions, such as providing immediate relief from stomach ache, bloating, and cramps, this new variation significantly boosts hair growth thanks to the increased dose of silica-rich herbs as well as supporting healthy clear skin and overall well-being.

These teabags comes in a more concentrated formula, eliminates the need for measuring and are fully compostable, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your daily holistic wellness rituals.

Taste: Tart and fruity with a hint of apple and cinnamon. We recommend adding honey or Agave to this blend to create a sweet and warming taste for those who enjoy a little sweetness in their tea. 

Herbal Actions:

+ Clear acne 

Naturally boost collagen production

Immediately soothes stomach ache, bloating, and cramps

Improve blood circulation

+ Naturally contribute to more energy 

Balance mood and alleviate PMS symptoms

Support healthy electrolyte levels

Aid digestion

Assist in regularity 

Promote hair growth and hair strength

Act as a diuretic (preventing puffiness and water retention)

Ingredients:  *Hibiscus, *Rosehip, *CeylonCinnamon, *Horsetail, *Moringa, *Nettle, 
*Caraway, *Chamomile Matricaria,  *Certified organic ingredient. 

How to: Add 250 ml of almost boiling water (99°C). Steep the blend, covered with a lid, for a minimum of 10 minutes. It is also great as a cold infusion, steeped overnight in the fridge. This is a great solution for obtaining the high Vitamin C content in this blend, which is otherwise sensitive to heat.

To clear acne: Drink 1-2 cups daily until acne clears.

For stomach ache, bloating, and cramps: Drink 1 cup as needed for immediate relief. Avoid using too much water (max 250 ml per teabag), as too much water will dilute the beverage and reduce its efficiency. If you prefer a larger serving, simply use 2 teabags to maintain the brew's concentration for optimal effectiveness. 

For immunity support: 1-2 cups daily. Max 3 cups/ day.

For energy: 1-2 cups daily. Max 3 cups/ day.

Quantity: 60g (12 tea bags of 5 g each). 

Storage: Keep sealed in cellulose bag for optimal freshness. Use within 3 months of opening.

Disclaimer: The herbal actions listed are based on traditional uses and beliefs. Individual results may vary. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness product. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Not for use during pregnancy, if you are breastfeeding or if you are trying to conceive. Not intended for children. Consult with a doctor or health professional if you are on any medication or have a medical condition. 

Ingredient highlight:

HIBISCUS (Organic): Hibiscus has a cooling and unique ability to support liver function, helping to detoxify the body and purify the blood. This can lead to healthier-looking skin and reduced acne. Hibiscus contains natural analgesic compounds that can help alleviate pain and discomfort, making it an excellent option for menstrual cramps and stomach pain relief. Hibiscus can also help regulate hormones by detoxing excess hormones that cause cramping and bloating. 

NETTLE (Organic): Nettle is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for skin health, including vitamins A, C, and K, iron, and silica. Its high iron content can improve blood flow and oxygenation to the skin and uterus, helping to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps and replenish iron stores depleted during menstruation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the inflammation associated with acne, promoting healthy skin.

ROSEHIP (Organic): Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for collagen production. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin its elasticity and firmness. The vitamin C in rosehip tea can also help reduce inflammation associated with acne. Its flavonoid content also possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can reduce menstrual cramps and promote healthy periods.

MORINGA (Organic): Moringa is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can protect and support healthy skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce skin irritation and acne, while its high vitamin A content promotes healthy cell growth and regeneration. Moringa tea is also a natural diuretic that can reduce bloating and water retention during menstrual cycles. At the same time, its muscle relaxant properties can alleviate menstrual pain and promote healthy periods.

HORSETAIL (Organic): Horsetails' high silica content makes it a valuable mineral source for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. When combined with vitamin C, silica plays an important role in collagen production, supporting skin elasticity and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Horsetail tea's diuretic properties can also help reduce bloating and relieve menstrual cramps, making it an excellent choice for women who experience PMS symptoms.

CEYLON CINNAMON (Organic): Ceylon Cinnamon, often known as "true cinnamon," is a versatile spice with a host of health advantages. Its potent antioxidants can reduce the risk of chronic conditions, promoting holistic health. Ceylon Cinnamon also aids in managing blood sugar levels, making it a valuable addition to a holistic diet. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce inflammation and enhance overall well-being.

CHAMOMILE (Organic): Chamomile is a medicinal herb used for centuries for its numerous health benefits. It also contains compounds that help to stimulate the lymphatic system and promote healthy lymphatic flow, supporting overall health and well-being. Chamomile is also a natural diuretic, promoting urine flow and flushing out excess fluids and toxins from the body.

CARAWAY (Organic): Caraway is a herb known for its ability to ease cramps and spasms, particularly in the digestive tract. It possesses natural carminative properties that help alleviate discomfort and bloating. Caraway can effectively reduce muscle spasms, making it an excellent addition to address menstrual cramps. Its soothing qualities offer relief from stomach pain, enhancing the overall comfort of the digestive system.

By incorporating this herbal tea blend into your daily routine, you may experience  healthier skin, hair and more comfortable periods.


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