Sleep Serenity Organic Herbal Tea Bags

165 kr

Sleep Serenity is a new variation of our best seller Sleep, formulated to calm the body and mind. Simply sip it 2 hours before bedtime on an empty stomach and let the gentle, floral notes lull you into a deep night's rest.

These teabags, as a more concentrated formula, eliminate the need for measuring and are fully compostable, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your daily holistic wellness rituals.

Taste: Floral

Herbal Actions:

+ Promote deeper sleep

Alleviate tension headaches

Soothe anxiety

Calm racing thoughts and a worried mind/grief

Enhance mood

Provide comfort during periods of sadness

+ Support healthy skin

Ingredients: *Passionflower, *Lemon Balm,*Lavender, *Chamomile Matricaria, *Seville Orange (Bitter Orange). *Certified organic ingredient. 

How to: Add 250 ml of almost boiling water (99°C). Steep the blend, covered with a lid, for a minimum of 10 minutes. 

For sleep: Drink 1 cup before bedtime.

For tension headache: Drink 1 cup when needed.

For skin: Drink 1 cup daily before bedtime.

For anxiety: Drink 1 cup when needed.

Quantity: 24g (12 tea bags of 2 g each). 

Storage: Keep sealed in cellulose bag for optimal freshness. Use within 3 months of opening.

Disclaimer: The herbal actions listed are based on traditional uses and beliefs. Individual results may vary. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness product. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Not for use during pregnancy, if you are breastfeeding or if you are trying to conceive. Not intended for children. Consult with a doctor or health professional if you are on any medication or have a medical condition. 

Ingredient highlight:

LAVENDER (Organic): Lavender is one of the most loved nervines in the world and most commonly used for its sedative and soothing properties, providing relief from tension headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It contains high levels of phytochemicals and antioxidants and is used for both medicinal and culinary uses. Lavender is also commonly used for uplifting and balancing emotions.

PASSIONFLOWER (Organic): Passionflower is native to North, Central, and South America and is traditionally used to promote deep relaxation for better and more rejuvenating sleep as well as providing ease from anxiety. Some people notice more vivid dreams when consuming passionflower tea before sleep due to its calming and soothing effect on the nervous system. Passionflower is thought to provide calm to the internal chatter of a busy mind and provide better focus and the ability to hold attention for longer.

CHAMOMILE MATRICARIA (Organic): One of the most popular and beloved herbs in the world and an excellent nervine, chamomile date back as long as 50,000 years. Traditionally used for its soothing properties, on both the mind and body, chamomile is highly alkalizing with anti-inflammatory effects, assisting overall digestion and elimination.

SEVILLE ORANGE/ BITTER ORANGE LEAF (Organic): A unique and aromatic herb with a mildly tangy and green note, celebrated for its potential to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It is used to support better sleep and alleviate symptoms of insomnia. Additionally, Seville orange leaf is valued for its digestive benefits, helping to ease digestive discomfort and support a healthy gut.

LEMON BALM (Organic): Lemon Balm is often considered a “life-changing” herb due to its calming effect on the nerves and ability to soothe and ease stress and depression and was widely used in ancient Greek and Rome where it was thought to “calm the mind and bring joy to the heart”. It is still considered a balm to the spirits and is synonym with the word “uplift” and sometimes called a nervous system trophorestorative, indicating that over time it tonifies and restores the nervous system. 

By incorporating this herbal tea blend into your daily routine, you may experience deeper sleep.


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