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A soothing, flowery blend to enjoy at the end of the day to unwind, relax and prepare for a restful night.


Tasting notes: Delicate flowery

Beneficial for:

+ Soothe the nervous system

+ Instantly calm the mind

+ Relaxation and grounding

+ Digestive support

+ Prevent insomnia and racing thoughts


Ingredients: *Lime Blossom, *Verbena, *Spearmint, *Peppermint. *Certified organic ingredient.

How to: Add 3 tsp to 200 ml, almost boiling water (99°C). Steep covered with a lid for a minimum of 10 minutes. Sweeten with honey. 

Quantity: 110g (3.9oz) or approx 180 tsp

Storage: Keep sealed in original packaging. 


Not for use during pregnancy and lactation or if you are trying to conceive. Not intended for children. Consult with a doctor or health professional if you are on any medication or have a medical condition. 


Ingredient highlight:

ORGANIC LIME BLOSSOM: Lime Blossom (also called Linden) is the flowers harvested from the Linden tree, which typically perfumes the entire neighborhood when in bloom. Lime Blossom has a long tradition of use in Europe as a solution for colds, flu, and bronchitis and can induce sweating and alleviate fevers. Lime blossom is also used for its calming anti-anxiety effect, can instantly foster a calm and relaxed state, and counteracts hyperactivity and insomnia. Its relaxing effects can bring relief for sinus headaches and migraines. 

ORGANIC VERBENA: Verbena is a fragrant herb that is excellent for the digestive tract, relieving nausea, cramps, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, and IBS. It is a herb with wide-spectrum usage that helps balance the body. Verbena is excellent for the nervous system as it helps relax nerves, ease anxiety and provide a general feeling of ease. Due to its powerful anti-fungal properties, it can be used as a Candida remedy. 

ORGANIC SPEARMINT: The menthol in spearmint leaves provides a relaxing and slightly soothing effect on the body, promotes relaxation, and alleviates stress. Ingesting the aroma has a grounding yet awakening effect on the body and mind and is often used for added focus, clarity and lightness. Spearmint has been cultivated worldwide for thousands of years and is most commonly used to soothe the stomach and ease gas and bloating.

ORGANIC PEPPERMINT: Used since ancient times by the Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, and Romans for its medicinal properties, peppermint is an aromatic herb; stimulating, relaxing, and warming with a secondary cooling action. In Ayurveda, peppermint is used to pacify aggravated pitta (too much heat in the body). And in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to move stagnant energy and and stimulate digestion.