Herbal Tea Discovery Trio - Kit

99 kr

This new kit includes our 3 NEW blends, part of our Herbal Tea Discover Trio, and an organic cotton gift bag, making this the perfect gift item for any tea lover. 

  • Goji Berry Winter Chai (15g) A warming and energizing immunity-boosting herbal chai. Perfect in the morning as the goji berries provide a natural awakening feeling similar to coffee but without caffeine. Makes 3-4 cups of tea.
  • Lemongrass & Ginger (9g) A citrusy blend of antioxidant-rich herbs to boost immunity and support digestion after a meal. A blend to enjoy at any time of the day. Makes 3-4 cups of tea.
  • Lime Blossom & Verbena (10g) A soothing, flowery blend to enjoy at the end of the day to unwind, relax and prepare for a restful night. Makes 3-4 cups of tea.